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    Thank you for your answer. I try to explain it.

    I already use the jQuery Plugin DataTables and builded up a page with posts displayed in this table like this:

    Title     Excerpt     Taxonomy(1)     Taxonomy(2)     Custom Field(1)    Custom Field(2)


    And I want to have a new cell or the whole row to be clickable with a function that centers the map on the post’s position. So equal to the POI list, but with more custom content and the features of the DataTables plugin like filtering and sorting.

    I already experimented with the google maps javascript api and could imagine two ways but my php and my javascript skills are still not very high (I teached myself in learning by doing). One way could maybe to have 2 cells which are “visibility:hidden;”. In it are long and lat, which I use with an on click function to just center the map. But I have no idea how to “say” a Mashup MapPress Map to center.

    Another way could maybe change the MapPress Code just to put the Marker info’s not as a table under the map, but put them into the DataTables map as additional content to the Posts. But how to combine the post with its marker information.


    Do you see any possibility there. Do you understand my bad english 😀


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)