The Leaflet and Google Maps plugin for WordPress

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Sample Map

Try the map below to see MapPress in action. Zoom out for clustering, or make your screen smaller to see the map adapt to a mobile layout.

Get started in minutes

MapPress is easy to use and includes graphical map editors for both Gutenberg and the WordPress classic editor. Maps can be created, edited and inserted without ever leaving the post editor – no need to paste shortcodes or go to a special settings screen.

Fully Responsive

MapPress maps look great on every device, from phones to tablets to desktops. Maps are fully responsive and can be sized by pixels, percentage or aspect ratio. As the screen is resized MapPress will dynamically collapse the sidebar (try it on the demo map above).

Powerful Features

MapPress Pro includes leading-edge features, including styled maps, clustering, custom templates, automatic map generation, and mashups with full search and filter capability.

Expert Support

MapPress includes full support with direct access to the plugin author. Use the forum for public discussion, or contact the developer directly.

Create a map in seconds

30 seconds for a Leaflet map of Paris!

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