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    Custom code is necessary for me.
    I use Mappress with user management plugin. Every users have address custom field, and I want to show a map with all users which address is assigned to POI.
    So the first case works fine, I could gave up the second case.


    PS. Sorry for my poor English.

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    I think I’ve solved my problem.
    I want to make map responsible not only width but also height (eg. on iPhone, fit width to screen and set height to 300px).
    I’ve set height of mapp-canvas class in custom CSS (including media query), it works.

    Thanks for your quick help!


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    Using this code, I’ve got zero height map.
    Any suggestions?

    <div style="width:480px; height:480px;">[mappress id="1" width="100%" height="100%"]</div>

    Page source code from browser:

    <div style="width:480px; height:480px;">
    <div id="mapp1_layout" class="mapp-layout mapp-align-default" style="width: 100%; ">
    <div id="mapp1_links" class="mapp-map-links"></div>
    <div id="mapp1_dialog" class="mapp-dialog"></div>
    <div id="mapp1" class="mapp-canvas" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; "></div>
    <div id="mapp1_directions" class="mapp-directions" style="width:100%"></div><div id="mapp1_poi_list" class="mapp-poi-list" style="width:100%"></div></div></div>


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)