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    Love the plugin! On larger maps 775 X 600 the zoom in/out display is not visible. Placing the pointer in the general area will display the tool tip.

    Below is a link to my build site.


    What is the latest on your upgrade? Considering my website is in the build/design stage I would like to run the beta version of your latest upgrade. You have discussed several features that certainly will be nice! Especially the ability to display bike routes! Which is the focus of website.

    Thanks again for the GREAT plugin!




    The problem with the zoom control is actually a conflict with the theme. When I remove the theme’s ‘style.css’ it works fine. I don’t know exactly which element has the conflict but take a look at anything that applies to tags – I usually just delete them one at a time until I find the conflict.

    I don’t have an ETA – every time I give one I completely miss it. Hopefully it’ll be ready “soon” but I’ve still got quite a bit left to code.


    Thanks for the prompt reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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