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    Hi –

    I just setup the pro plugin and put a widget in the sidebar.  I set the MapPress widget to only show current posts, since I’d like the mashup to just show the mapped posts for those 10 posts in that displayed page.

    However, on the first page of 10 posts, it shows a mashup in the sidebar with all the maps from the entire site on it, and on the second page, the map is blank.

    I expect to see less maps on the widget mashup on the first page, and I expect at least two or three maps in the widget mashup on the second page from posts on that page that have maps embedded.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?  URLs below:

    First page:   http://www.changinglatitude.com

    Second page: http://www.changinglatitude.com/page/2/




    When you choose ‘current’ for the widget it should just show exactly what’s in the current page query.

    This could be a MapPress bug, but more often the problem is that the theme or another plugin is modifying the query.

    There are two things to try:

    1.  Check for conflicts – switch to the ‘twenty twelve’ theme and deactivate your other plugins.  Do you see the same result?

    2.  Output the query – add this to the sidebar template file to print the current query:

    global $wp_query;

    If this issue persists after trying the above, please feel free to send a login and I’ll take a look on your site.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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