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    I have MapPress Pro and have made some single map posts. I have included one single map in various posts that my wordpress template features such as project posts, blog posts and gallery posts.  How do I see a list of all the maps I have made? When I am making a post, in the MapPress Pro options I only have the option to make a new map. Once I make it I get the shortcode with the map id.  But how do I view all my maps. I have made some maps that I no longer use or want and their map ids must exists somewhere. How do I source this?


    Hi, it’s a flaw in the plugin – it doesn’t provide a directory you can view.  I’m working on fixing this, but in the current version when you edit a post, you can only view the maps you created in that post.

    The only way to see a list of all maps is to check the database table ‘mappress_maps’.

    Similarly, when you delete the original post, its associated maps should also be deleted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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