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    Hi Guys,

    I have a Map at the bottom of an article in WordPress with 4 POIS. In the text-area of the article I want to make an ordered List with the names of the 4 POIs that are clickable and if the user clicks on one of the names the POI on the map should be centered.

    Is this possible with mappress pro??




    Hi Robert,

    There’s a function called get_open_link() in ‘mappress_poi.php’ that does something similar.

    You can take a look at that code, or try adding javascript like this to whatever element you want to be clickable (an anchor, div, etc. – the code below is for an anchor):

    <a href='#' onclick='mapp0.getPoi(0).open(true); return false;'>Click me!</a>

    ‘mapp0’ means the first map on the page, you can also use the “name” parameter of the shortcode to assign a different name. getPoi(0) means get the first POI, getPoi(1) is the 2nd, and so on. And .open(true) means open and zoom in – set to false to just open the marker.


    Thank you, works perfect. But it can be quite hard to get the POI-Numbers if you have many POIs because they don’t correlate to the listing when you edit them. Is there a trick?



    If it is a mashup you’re displaying, you can use getPoiById() instead, and pass it the post ID you want (1234 in this example):


    If you’re displaying a map, the POIs are numbered in the order they appear on the map: 0, 1, 2…and so on.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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