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    Hi  all, curious if anyone has used this with the Elegant Themes framework, in particular the gleam theme.

    Planning on getting the pro version for our mobile work as it resolves in  mobile themes nicely but we use Elegant Themes a lot and would love to know if any have had success.

    In particular a demo site we are currently building is have problems resolving the map.

    Ive put a border around it so we can see where its supposed to be!/alfresco-gusto-new-menu-launch but all we get is the black border and some fields to fill in under it…Not sure how they got there.

    Anyone seen something similar or know of a fix/ reasons we can look at getting resolved?

    Thanks all.




    Hi Simon,

    I’m not sure about that cause of the problem, but I can give you some info. When the mappress shortcode is processed the plugin writes out some fields (like the directions start/end) and its javascript and css. In that page I see the fields are there but not the css and javascript. To narrow down the problem, you might try just putting the map on a plain page instead of in the ‘popup’ window and see if it displays properly.


    Thanks Chris, the Ajax seems to stop this from loading…so a bunch of other plugins dont work either.

    Unfortunately the Elegant Themes team is being very, very quiet much to their users distastes.

    Im going to find an Ajax expert to see if they can hep out…anyone people on the forum can recommend?

    Thanks again Chris.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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