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    Hi, Chris!
    Even though my old lat-lons are rendering fine on the maps and mashups on my website, I can’t copy-paste a new lat-lon into the Mappress editor and make a POI from it. I get it that it won’t work in Algolia. But when I switch Mappress sitewide to use Google Maps with my API code, pasting the coordinates into the Google Maps in the Mappress editor ALSO won’t search for those specific coordinates. Perhaps I’m missing something, but that’s the most critical way I add POIs as I’m adding trailheads, and most of those aren’t on anyone’s maps. Thanks for any insight on what I might be doing wrong.


    To clarify: no matter what I type into the search bar when Google Maps are activated in Mappress, whether it’s 30.1768490, -84.6773610 or the word “Florida,” I get “No Results” as a response.

    Version:2.49.5 PRO



    Your MapPress is a little out of a date, so as a first step please upgrade to the latest version.

    Lat/lng entry should work in both Leaflet (Algolia) and Google. But what you describe sounds more general, i.e. Google won’t parse ‘Florida’.

    That is most likely a Google API key issue. You can press F12 to check the JavaScript console (in most browsers). That’s where Google will print any errors.

    If your API key is invalid, or the key doesn’t have the correct libraries activates, please see the MapPress FAQ. There’s a link there that will create a key for you with the correct libraries enabled, as well as some troubleshooting information.

    If the above doesn’t help, please use the contact form to send the URL of the page you’re editing, and a login to the blog (so I can see the map editor in the back end).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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