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    James Proctor

    Chris, see screenshot here: just updated to v2.45.4 Pro, and apparently bumped into a feature your changelog has in the 2.46 beta: “mashups now ignore any center/zoom settings and automatically center to show all POIs.” (Note also the hamburger menu at upper left, mentioned in 2.46 beta.)

    I have used your center and zoom settings in mashup shortcode extensively in order to tweak maps; and in the case of the attached screenshot, the result is a world map that repeats itself (which I had previously fixed via zoom = 2 and a particular center).

    I’ve now reverted back to my earlier 2.44.3 version, and would appreciate clarification of the above prior to updating to latest stable; thanks.

    Jim P.



    I tried emailing you to discuss this but my note is probably sitting in a spam folder. In your site is it possible to use the ‘minZoom’ setting instead of center/zoom? That setting prevents users from zooming too far out – as well as setting the initial map zoom. For example:

    [mashup minZoom="4"]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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