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    James Proctor

    Greetings — We’d like to preserve MapPress metadata when running Tools > Export by category (i.e., for a subset of posts on our WP database). Turns out smart device geolocation data are preserved (geo_latitude and geo_longitude) for posts using these devices, so I’d assume upon import into another WP instance they can again be converted to MapPress tables, but MapPress tables themselves aren’t exported. Ideas?


    Jim P.


    Hi Jim,

    MapPress isn’t saved as metadata, it’s stored in custom tables.  One option is to just copy the tables to your new database.

    Another is to re-generate the maps (assuming they were generated from your custom fields in the first place).  If MapPress is configured to generate maps from custom fields you can just publish the posts again and it will generate the maps (I’m not sure if the importer does a ‘publish’ as it creates the posts, but you can always do it from the admin using bulk actions).

    James Proctor

    Yes, thanks; I’m aware MapPress has its own tables, but if it’s as simple as copying those tables into the new database this is doable (e.g., do post IDs or other essential relational data change upon import?). Since we’re exporting only a subset of the posts it may be nice to export only a subset of the MapPress table; hopefully this will become a feature in future.

    Re. regenerating maps, this makes sense on all geotags entered via mobile devices; thanks.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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