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    The POI’s used to highlight the whole row when you clicked on one and the title was not a href, like on this example:

    Now, the titles are the links, and the row doesn’t highlight anymore, like this one:

    I can’t seem to find any settings that would make it change back to the first…


    I am wondering this as well…. I want the whole row to be clickable Which is preferred for mobile devices.


    Wow, thanks for reminding me that no one answered my question that I forgot which i needed answered for a client!! Can we get an answer on this change of style and a solution?


    Ok so the best solution I came up with so far is to edit mappress_poi.php on line 325:


    return "<a href='#' onclick='{$map->name}.getPoi($i).open($zoom); return false;' >$title</a>";


    return "<a href='#' onclick='{$map->name}.getPoi($i).open($zoom); return false;' ><div class='map-block'>$title</div></a>";

    What this would do is simply add my your div class map-block wrapped by the <a> link. Which you can then style this block to change background on hover or stretch to entire width.

    However, this would be a bit messy if you want the icons or the POI links (such as zoom or directions) in the same div.

    I am also not sure if any updates would overwrite this file too, so just be careful. Would rather hear from the developer and see what he recommend.



    Sorry, but I don’t plan to make this functionality available again until the next major release (3.0). Until then you’ll need to do it yourself if you need clickable rows.

    You can use the javascript listed above to open a marker, and modify the POI list template (map_poi_list.php) for the poi list. The non-template files will be overwritten during upgrades.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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