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    To begin with – thanks for a great plugin:). I have a few questions re. infowindow customization and map creation.

    Is it possible to create a map on publishing a post?

    Basically, I would like to:

    Upload some info as address, title, body text and picture into fields(Advanced Custom Fields plugin), then publish the post what would automatically create a map using data from the fields.
    Also I would like to be able to arrange these data inside the infowindow(the balloon text) by inputing my own CSS and HTML and to display everything on the mashup map.

    Would it be possible to do these things in MapPress?

    1) I am aware that I can create maps dynamically but I actually would like to create them once, then save in database and display on the mashup map.

    2) 2.38.2 Beta version provides some template functionality but how do I put a data from post Advanced Fields into this template?

    Thanks :).



    Sure, I think you can achieve this using 2.38.2.  I’ll try to help but I don’t know very much about how ACF saves its data.

    MapPress works off ‘standard’ WordPress custom fields – the ones you see if the post edit screens by default.

    I think ACF actually does save its data to normal custom fields but I’m not sure.  I’d suggest setting up MapPress first without ACF, then adjusting it to use ACF fields.

    To generate the maps: there are settings in the MapPress ‘settings’ screen that allow you to just specify the custom fields that contain an address or lat/lng for each post.

    Once you set them up MapPress will generate a map for each post when you publish it.  The process is described in the documentation but let me know if you’ve already read that and have questions.

    I don’t know how to read the ACF fields for the template – that’s really more of a question for the ACF author – but my guess would get you could just use the regular get_post_meta() function in WordPress?  Does that not work for ACF?

    To modify the template, you copy it to your theme directory and modify it (file ‘map_poi.php’.  If you need a sample template with a get_post_meta() call in it let me know.

    I hope that helps…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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