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    When adding an address – Mappress locates the location fine and displays it. When setting the address to load in google maps – with some addresses google maps is reformatting the location, sometimes incorrectly. If i pasted the address manually into google maps, google finds the address as is, fine. There appears to be some issue w/ the formatting that mappress is passing to Google Maps.

    Hoping to get a response soon, trying to launch a site. Thanks!

    using 2.38 pro



    Could you please close your duplicate post on  This forum is the right place for your question and I’ll try to help you here.

    Do you have an example of an address that you think is being reformatted?

    MapPress calls the Google geocoding service for its results.  Google does use a different geocoder for their own maps application, but the two are generally in sync.

    You can see what Google actually returns for a particular address by typing it into your brower (replace ‘youraddress’ with the address you’re interested in):



    Thanks Chris – I’ll delete that in a few.

    Let me see if i can dig up a couple of addresses that arn’t passing through cleanly.

    So – these all appear via mappress correctly with labels as we’d like them, and markers in the right place. When we click “Directions” and pass them through to google maps – they come up ugly or inappropriate.
    1224 Graham Rd #2002
    Florissant, MO 63031
    In Mappress it’s the right location – when i click through, it looks to be the right location still but the address listed is only

    1224 Graham Rd – and offeres the confusion question of “Did you mean a different: 1224 Graham Rd”

    In other places i get

    #6 McBride & Son Center Drive, Suite 203 Center Dr Chesterfield, MO 63005

    that turns into:

    CHESTERFIELD @38.666230004193,-90.595082544922

    and is the wrong location as well.


    Thanks for looking at this.



    Each marker has a description, but there’s also an address (or lat/lng) saved with it.  The address isn’t visible and if you drag the marker into position it will just be a lat/lng coordinate pair.

    Do you have a URL where I can see those two addresses on the map?  I’d like to see the address that was actually saved with each marker.


    I do chris – can you contact me by email so i can give you access?

    I may have your email already – i’ll email you with details.

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