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    1. Some of my locations are not accurate with the address so I have to use Latitude/Longitude. I have custom fields for this set up and identified in the Geocoding along with Address fields but it will not generate a map for a POI that only has Latitude/Longitude filled in. The documentation says “The POI location is defined by the ‘address’ field or the ‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’ fields.” Why isn’t this working?

    2. If I create a new map for that location by GPS instead of automatically, then everything works fine for the mashup. I’m starting to think if I need to go to each location like this and create a map by myself, then generating the mashup via custom fields isn’t gaining me anything. The only thing I don’t like in this case when maps are created via Latitude/LOngitude is the Directions To shows the GPS coordinates instead of an address. I thought I saw a way to tell Google in this case to go to the closest map address but I may be thinking of another map plugin I tried. Is there?

    3. Stupid question. When I initially create a new map and add a POI address or Latitude/Longitude, how do I edit that value again once it’s on the map? The only thing I can seem to edit is the infowindow data.



    1. It should work with just lat/lng. Does it work when you fill in an address field?

    2. If you use lat/lng, that’s what will show in the directions box, but when you get the actual directions between those locations google will use the nearest street.

    3. You can’t edit the location, you have to delete the POI and re-add it


    1. Yes, I have to add the address to make it work.

    3. So it wasn’t a stupid question. 🙂 That would be really useful especially if I have modified the Infowindow with links and such, and not requiring the user to cut and paste all that information to recreate the POI again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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