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    i can’t get the mashup to show, i have mappress pro, i have it working on another demo site so have some idea on what i am doing, i have code that geocodes the location and stores this in a custom field called geolocation in the format on this site, the maps display perfectly well for the single post page with the normal mappress shortcode, but, the mashup will not show.

    i have:

    1. uninstalled and re-installed the plugin (and removed all pages)

    2. deactivated all other plugins and tried, still no joy

    3. checked that the query string delivers results, it does

    4. stripped page right back to basics with the shortcode:

    echo do_shortcode(‘[mashup show="query" show_query="post_type=property-listing" width="250" height="250"]‘);

    no joy (i normally use show=”current”)

    5. checked the posts have the geocode details required – they do

    6. checked the mappress settings and ensured its using the correct field – it is

    i am at a total loss, on the page i get zero, nothing, i view source and there is nothing there, the shortcode is being totally ignored.

    any ideas?




    Hi, I think you emailed me about this as well. I’ll reply to your email. I think this is a problem specific to that site rather than a bug in the plugin, but if not, I’ll post back here with an answer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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