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    Midlife Riding

    The main reason I bought pro was for this specific feature so I would love to get it working properly.

    For a mashup map neither the infowindow or the list below the map are linking the POI titles to the post/page that contains the map with that POI. Infact, it’s not changing the POI name from the location to the post/page title and the POI names/post titles are not being converted into hyperlinks at all.

    I’ve gone as far as deactivating all plugins except for MapPress and going back to the twenty fourteen default theme and the problem still persisted. Issue exists with both Infobox and Google Infowindow.

    Here is what I’m doing:
    1. created a post with an embeded map that only has 1 POI.
    2. added a spot in my header on the homepage to display the mashup code – [mappress mashup="all" width="95%" "orderby=date&order=desc" sort="true"] which is working and displaying properly with the exception of this issue.

    Checked Settings related to this issue:
    InfoWindow type – InfoBox (problem exists with Google Infowindow too)
    Automatically open the first POI when a map is displayed
    Show a list of POIs under each map
    Show the POI list as a sortable DataTable
    Show POI titles as a “tooltip” on mouse-over
    Mashup POI title – post title
    Mashup POI body – Post excerpt
    Mashup POI Click – Go directly to the post
    Link POI titles to the underlying post



    I’ll need to see your blog to help you. Could you please provide a URL demonstrating the problem or better yet, a login to the blog?

    If the blog isn’t public yet, another option would be to sign up for a demo site here and try to replicate the issue:

    Midlife Riding

    I found out the issue. Now to find a work-around.

    My template (Themify iTheme2) provides a hook system to inject HTML/shortcodes/whatever and provides the ability to set it for different conditions/taxonomies. I used that to inject the mashup code and a little blurb of text into the “content_start” hook location with a condition to only show on the homepage. Like I said, everything else is working with the map except it’s not changing the POI names to the post titles and linking them as set in the master settings.

    The kicker is, if I add a mashup map with the widget block, it works just fine. I just don’t have any way to make a widget block look good and work for my purposes. The hook approach I’m using does what I want but is apparently breaking that part of the MapPress plugins’ features.

    Now I guess I need to get creative and find another way to add that mashup as the #1 content on my homepage ONLY. That or I’d be willing to pay/donate for some assistance getting the mashup to inject perfectly with the hook system.

    Midlife Riding

    Perhaps it’s not the hook system at all.

    • Widget works fine.
    • mashup code injected to content_start hook on hompage works except converting titles/links
    • mashup code added to a page does NOT work at all
    • mashup code added to a post does NOT work at all
    • mapid code injected to content_start hook on hompage works except converting titles/links
    • mapid code added to a page does work except for converting titles/links
    • mapid code added to a post does work except for converting titles/links

    Let me know how to submit login details for my site.



    I’m not familiar with that theme so I don’t think I can do anything with the hook system, but I’ll be happy to take a look to see if there’s some other error. You can send your details through the contact form.

    The plugin doesn’t substitute the post title or link the title for map POIs – only for mashups (where multiple posts are involved). To add a link to the title for a map POI you can use the map editor to set an anchor in the title itself. For example:

    <a href=''>Title</a>

    Perhaps a workaround without using the hook system might be to use a separate template for the home page? Then you could just insert the mashup with do_shortcode() (see the documentation for examples).

    Midlife Riding

    Got some time to mess with it some more. Tried the workaround. New static front page with custom template.

    DOES work:
    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[mappress mapid="2"]‘); ?>

    DOES NOT work:
    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[mappress mashup="all"]‘); ?>

    So to clarify:

    mapid codes work fine throughout the entire site.
    mashups only work properly in the widget.
    mashups only displayed the map (without links) using the hook system.
    Embedding mashups directly into posts/pages/templates does nothing.

    I’ve disabled all plugins and reverted back to the default theme. Sending you admin details now to help me figure this thing out.



    One problem is the syntax is wrong. The mashup should be:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[mashup query="all"]'); ?>

    Midlife Riding

    That did it! It is working with my theme and plugins and now works as it should for posts/pages and the hooks.

    Don’t know how I got mixed up with adding “mappress” to the shortcode. A lot of wasted time there. Thanks for your help!


    That’s great, I’m glad you got it working!

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