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    James Proctor

      Quick q: are others finding that mashup marker_title and marker_body values resort to defaults only in latest MapPress Pro beta? I can’t get e.g. marker_body to set to none.




        Hello and thank you for this great plugin.


        I have just installed MapPress Pro today 8/8/12. I have not installed the beta.

        I have the marker title showing up as tooltip on a map ok but not in a mashup.

        Do we not have toolttips in mashups?

        Also, I would like to have a more elaborate tooltip showing some HTML. Is that possible?

        Thanks again!!!


          I updated to version 2.38.5 and that solved the issue.

          Thank you!


            Hmm, after update to 2.38.5 there is no option link for custom icons.

            I do not see a setting or info about using the /icons/ folder.

            Any help on this would be really appreciated.

            Thank you!



              : marker_body set to ‘none’ is no longer supported, but you should still be able to just leave your markers blank or link them to posts.  Will that work for you?

              : could you please create a separate thread for your questions – they don’t seem related to the original post.  The custom icons have moved in the beta – take a look at the release notes for some more info – essentially the new directory is in your uploads folder: ‘/wp-content/uploads/mappress/icons’.

              James Proctor

                Okay, thanks for the clarification…

                Jim P.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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