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    Thank you for including my feature request in the new update. Could you possibly highlight for me how to achieve this using the new features? I read the documentation but was a little confused on where to start.


    I previously discussed this in another post and I thought this would be great for a feature request.

    I am creating a directory listing that will have a corresponding mashup. The issue I have is making the links in the directory listing interact with the markers. As of now, Mappress can generate a map with a marker listing below. However, this is not a practical solution for those of us who require a more complex listing. It would be great to have the ability to create “marker links” that will allow us to put a marker icon anywhere on a page and have it zoom in on the mashup map when clicked. It will be a lot easier because if you have a map with 100s of listings there is no way to tell which listing corresponds to which posts (since there are no identifying markers).

    If it could refer to the post ID to open up the markers without having the user go to the page directly it would be awesome.

    So, let’s say in the list I have there was a special icon. When clicked that icon could change the map while the post title could still lead to the post itself. So then I could have markers in a separate column and a person could just continue to browse the locations on my list without having to go to every post page or search for the marker.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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