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    Building a directory of Latin culture in NYC where there are hundreds of venues. Hoped to build the maps with TurboCSV. Saw the suggestion for multiple POIs to do individual posts and a mashup. Is that really the best approach for maps with hundreds of POIs?

    What would be the best development approach?

    – Manual?

    – TurboCSV in 1 post for all?

    – TurboCSV with individual posts

    – Generate map with PHP?


    Hi, it’s definitely better to create 1 post per POI. It is a little faster to load the data as POIs on one map but you’ll give up the ability to search or categorize the POIs. Map pois have only a title and body, so there are no categories, image attachments, editor, etc.

    I suggest you always load your data as individual posts, then use the mashup shortcode to show them on a single map.

    Even sites that are custom-built for map searches (e.g. Zillow or Redfin, for example) generally only show a few hundred locations at a time. In comparison, WordPress is very slow for both AJAX and queries.

    It will help if you can narrow down the number of results, for example by assigning categories to the posts and having the user pick a region before displaying the map. Or, you can have the map display the current blog results and let WP page them.


    If you stil need help with this issue, I have created something similar using a combination of Mappresss/Turbocsv and WP Types & Views plugin.


    Law4Elders, it would be great to speak with you about what works well for this type of site development. Can you get in touch with me at




    I am launching an international site for medical professionals and there could be many thousands of POIs all over the map.

    I need the capability for each person to enter their own info:

    Name, address, phone, specialty, e-mail, URL, and a 200-word description to pop up when a flag is clicked.

    I just started using MapPress — love the beautiful code.

    Can you help me understand how to input the data from customers, and how to organize the info?

    FOr eaxample I’d love to have a big map with all POIs, and perhaps other maps for different locations or perhaps different medical disciplines. Of course I need to manage all this through WordPress.

    Any suggestions?





    MapPress doesn’t provide a front-end form for entering data – maps can only be created through the admin screens (i.e. the WordPress post editor).

    However, there are some forms plugins that will take front-end user input and generate a post from it.  If you choose to use one of those, you can store the address data in a custom field and have MapPress generate the map automatically from that field when the post is created.

    I hope that helps…


    Thanks for your help.

    So can this form-to-post method allow me to populate the popup with all the necessary info:

    Name, address, phone, specialty, e-mail, URL, and a 200-word description


    And can I generate different maps from that one input? For example, can I create a local map (SF Bay Area), with all Bay Area POIs on it — and also place a POI on the big global map, which displays ALL POIs? Can this be done with out custom PHP?

    If this requires PHP code, can you recommend someone/service that can do the code for me, if so?

    Can you do the custom code to create an upfron form that would do what I need? What would you charge? Contact me if you are interested.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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