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    hi there!

    Last week i purchased and downloaded the mappress pro basic plug-in to use it in my website.

    The plug-in is really great and quite user friendly! I just have some inquiries:

    1. Is there a way to define specific dimensions for width and height of the google infowindow or InfoBox of my POI? For example I post a thumbnail of 240px width and 180px height on my POI. When I press on that POI I would like the pop-up window to be 260px width and 600px height so that the title, the thumbnail and the details and link all fit in that window without any slider. If the title of the POI is too long i wouldn’t like it to extend the width of the window. I would prefer the title and text to be supressed to the widow dimensions.

    2. I’m afraid i didn’t get the way i use the filters. How do I set filters on my POI? I want to post many POI on a map and be able to turn on and off different POI according to the filters that i set.

    3. The feature of providing a link in a POI window to a related post is really cool! How can I do the vice-versa? I want to provide a link in the post/article to the map and have the related POI infowindow popped-up. Please mind the fact that on that map there are many POI but i want to get linked to one of these POI each time.

    4. I followed carefully the steps for uploading custom icon and the shadow for POI. I managed to use my icon but the shadow doesn’t appear although i named it as you suggested. Is there any other step i have to notice regarding the file for the shadow?

    I have uploaded the coming soon page at my website so that people are not able to visit it until its ready. If you need to visit the page with the map we could arrange a specific time to unlock it.

    I would be grateful for your reply at your soonest possible convenience.




    1. Google seems to often size the infowindow incorrectly (with scrollbars). Here are a few things to try:
    – Use a bigger map (the infowindow size is limited to about 1/3 of the map size)
    – Specify image sizes (in the img tag, specify width and height)
    – Use the MapPress ‘infobox’ instead of the infowindow in the MapPress settings. The infobox should expand correctly, and it can be sized using CSS.

    2. MapPress ‘filters’ are like WordPress ‘filters’, they’re hooks for your own code. Filtering by location type isn’t supported by MapPress, although you can use PHP to display a map using the current WordPress search category or tags.

    3. That’s not possible, but you can do this: create 1 post per POI and insert a map with just a single location. Use a mashup to display all of the posts together; when the user clicks on a POI, go to its post, where the user will see a map of just that location.

    4. There’s a bug in 2.40.3 that is preventing shadow display. It’ll be fixed in the next version of the plugin, but it’s probably a moot point because Google has announced that in the next version of their maps API they won’t support shadows at all. Please see here for info about their up-coming ‘visual refresh’:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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