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    I’m trying to produce maps from MapPress Pro using address fields from Formidable Pro. I’m using the code described on this page in my functions.php file:

    /* SHORTCODE FOR MapPress + Formidable Pro connection */
    add_shortcode('form_to_mappress', 'form_to_mappress');
    function form_to_mappress($atts) {
    	      'width' => '220', 'title' => '', 'body' => '',
                  'address1' => '', 'address2' => '', 'directions' => 'none'
         ), $atts));
         $mymap = new Mappress_Map(array('width' => $width));
         $mypoi_1 = new Mappress_Poi(array('title' => $title, 'body' => $body, 'address' => $address1));
         $mymap->pois = array($mypoi_1);
         if($address2 != ''){
           $mypoi_2 = new Mappress_Poi(array('address' => $address2));
           $mymap->pois = $mypoi_2;
         return $mymap->display(array('directions' => $directions));
    /* END SHORTCODE MapPress */

    Using MPP plugin by creating maps manually works just fine. If I try the ‘form_to_mappress’ shortcode with a hand-coded address:

    [form_to_mappress address1="1160 Gahanna Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43230" width="400" title="Grote HQ" body="Grote Headquarters, Columbus OH USA"]

    I get the same result as connecting it to the FP form, a flattened 1px high box. If I manually code the CSS div with a height value I get an empty white box.

    I’ve eliminated the possibility that it’s a plugin conflict. I tested it on a fresh install of WP with no other plugins.

    I know it’s beyond the scope of this plugin + support, but I would appreciate any thoughts on how to troubleshoot.



    I don’t know if this is the problem, but I don’t see a height specified? Maybe changing this line would help:

    `$mymap = new Mappress_Map(array(‘width’ => $width, ‘height’ => ‘400px’));

    If you just need to create maps with 1 location, you can use the standard MapPress geocoding functionality instead of a custom shortcode.

    Just configure your custom fields in the MapPress settings. I think if you just use a plain-text field for the address in Formidable, it will save it to the post as a custom field.

    The only trick is triggering MapPress to automatically generate the map- there’s a section in the documentation about that.



    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I actually tried adding the height var and all it does is give the div container a height, but still no map generated.

    The problem isn’t related to Formidable. It looks like the PHP isn’t passing the vars properly. Here’s an example from the CDATA of a map using the shortcode:

    var mapdata = {"mapid":null,"width":"220","height":null,"zoom":null,"center":{"lat":0,"lng":0},

    Note the mapid, height, and zoom values are all null, and the lat/lon are both 0.

    A map created with your plugin manually for the same address:

    var mapdata = {"mapid":"1","width":"220","height":"220","zoom":13,"center":{"lat":39.990817,"lng":-82.841705},

    Sounds like there is a misplaced quote mark or comma somewhere. I’m on a Mac, sometimes characters (like “) don’t get translated correctly.


    I found a resolution. Apparently when I copied code from the Formidable website into Dreamweaver on the Mac it converted some characters. I’m thinking it was a double quote (“) or a single quote (‘), cause all the other code looked good.

    I copied the code from Formidable again, pasted it into BBEdit (coding text editor on the Mac that allows you to control the text encoding), re-keyed any double or single quotes, then copied & pasted into my functions.php in Dreamweaver.

    It works! Take a look here:

    The company contact info on the right side of the page is pulled from a Formidable Pro database, and the MapPress map uses the address in the forms data.

    Thanks so much for your help. LOVE the plugin, Chris!


    Okay, got the forms playing with the maps. Life is good.

    Just as an aside, I added an additional Formidable plugin (found here: to grab the lat/lon of each entry and store it in the database. It should help to speed things up and limit the number of hits on the Google geocode database.

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