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    DIVI theme version 4.9.7 and MapPress Pro 2.63.2, WP 5.7.2-DE

    I add a mappress shortcode in DIVI textmodule and the map shows up

    But the infobox does not open when clicking on a marker, instead 2 grey triangles are placed to the topright of the marker

    to be exact:

    in the mappress-editor the markers open the popup

    when published, in the post or page, the markers show 2 triangles instead of the popup

    see here:
    no popup, no infobox

    I deinstalled Mappress after backing up the database and installed the newest version again

    everything seems to be ok, but the problem still exists (no popup, no infobox)

    the same when added into a “classic editor”

    I don’t use a defined template for the popups in my childtheme

    I somehow miss the mappress dialogue boxes / metaboxes when creating a new post or page…

    Cheers, Connie


    I could fix the problem.
    In a staging installation I took off all mappress-CSS which I had added to the child-theme-css-file once.

    Now everything is working.

    I will have to check line by line which css provoked the problem output.


    See this as resolved, Cheers, Connie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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