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    I love the plugin.  I probably only needed the feww version but I bought the pro version because, well, you deserve it.

    Anyway, I am having an issue, and was wondering if you know how to fix it.  Everything seems to work fine until I use this in a tab, such as this page for instance.  I have it set up in the thrird tab for condo communities.    It is only displaying about the top left quarter of the map.  Seems to work ok if I dont use tabs, and I realize this is not necessarily anything wrong with your plugin, but can you help with this, or am I stuck not being able to use it in a tab?

    Also, I have a excel import question.  I have a spread sheet with about 200 locations on it.  in one column, I have the name of the condo, and in the next column, I have the address of the condo (except for the city and state…just the street address.)   Can I use your other plugin and be able to just plat all these on the map with just use this info?  I was a bit confused on how that plugin would work.  I need to create a bunch of maps actually, but I have separate spreadsheets for each area I want to create a map for.



    The tabs issue is a problem with Google maps.  There’s no real fix, just some workaround – take a look at the FAQ for some more info:

    TurboCSV can import CSV data (you can save your spreadsheet as a CSV) and create posts from it.  It’ll create 1 post for each row (location) in the file.

    You would need to import the address info as custom fields like ‘address’, ‘city’ and ‘state’ – then MapPress can generate a map for each imported post (i.e. one map for location).  Finally, you can create a ‘mashup’ of all of those individual maps to show all the locations on one map.

    You won’t be able to geocode most street addresses without a city and state, though, since just the street isn’t unique.  If you know the city/state you can just copy & paste them in the spreadsheets before importing.

    If you have other questions about the functionality, please feel free to email me directly.  You can also try out TurboCSV and MapPress together on your own demo site, if that helps:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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