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    John Hall

    Have notice recently that new locations aren’t plotting in the correct place.  Often they are off by several miles.  Seems to have happened since a recent upgrade.  Any idea if this is a known issue, or what I can do to fix?  Seems that if I plot a location with an address and then move to pointer to the correct place manually the directions are correct, but it’s not putting the pointer anywhere near the correct location.



    Can you provide an example of one of these addresses?

    Different geocoders have different levels of accuracy.  Assuming you’re using Leaflet, the default Algolia geocoder will usually place markers in the center of the street, rather than at an exact house number.  You may want to switch to the MapBox geocoder instead, or use Google.

    There’s some more info about the various geocoders here:


    John Hall

    Both address I noticed the problem on today were on long streets that go through multiple towns, so thought that might be part of the problem.

    2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466


    524 Lowell St, Peabody, MA 01960

    both plotted miles off.

    But I tested my own address after that on a smaller street and it was also about a half mile off.

    This is the map page in question:


    I’ll have to look into the geocoder setup.  It was over a year ago I set this up, so kind of forget how that all worked. Will check that out.

    John Hall

    So followup.

    I did some research and testing, and we did have it on Leaflet with the default Algolia geocoder.

    I think I did this originally cause we liked the look of the Leaflet maps better than Google, and seemed an easier setup than Mapbox.

    I just tried a test keeping it on Leaflet but switching the geocoder to Nominatim.  Tested one of those addresses and it was much more accurate.

    My main goal is to not disrupt the current map (which I shared above, as well as 15 other smaller individual ones through the site) or change the look of them, but to make the addresses plot more accurately on new ones we add going forward.

    Does this seem like a good solution?



    Sure, that seems like a reasonable solution.  It’ll depend on where you’re mapping and how much traffic you get.

    Like Algolia, Nominatim places markers in the center of street but only in some areas.  For Leaflet maps, the most accurate solution is probably MapBox.  They have high free usage limits so it’ll probably be free to use.

    If your front-end map views are low, the most accurate solution is Google.  However, they will be expensive if you have high traffic.

    For both Leaflet+MapBox and Google, you can style the maps to your taste – see the documentation for details on MapBox Studio or the Google Styled Maps Wizard, respectively.

    John Hall

    So turns out I already had a MapBox account set up in the site, and I think we were using that originally.  At some point it seems to have defaulted to the Leaflet/Algolia.  A few weeks ago, I realized my Pro account had expired, and had to renew and upgrade.  Maybe happened then?  This was the first time I noticed any major issue with the map locations.

    I really should spend some time learning more about MapBox, cause there is probably a lot more we could be doing with these maps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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