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    I am just starting to work with your plugin and reading the documentation. I want to create a map very similar to (http://www.black-brick.com/areas/london) – and I believe they use your plugin. I would like the Location List to open the info box which I have inserted photos for each property.

    I also would like the map to be responsive. I haven’t started to edit the templates to move the location list to the side (per documentation) but would like to know about responsive size settings.

    My test page is here: http://bridge.archetypecms.com/bridge2/mappress-test/

    I have used the shortcode: [mappress mapid="1" width="100%" height="1080px" adaptive="true"]

    Another question is if I enter properties as a Portfolio post (I have two categories that are map related “London” and “International”) – how would I set that query when using the Mashup shortcode to insert the map. I have the properties listed individually posting as a Portfolio but after playing with your plugin I may just have the map on a page with all the POS on that page. Still deciding.

    Thanks for your help and great plugin.


    Oh, I forgot to mention. There is also a “white strip” at the very top of the map that I would like to remove.



    For responsive settings, you can use width=”100%” (as you’ve done) and adaptive=”true”. The latter just recenters the map if the screen size changes.

    I think the white strip is coming from the theme – some themes apply styles to tables or images. You could try renaming the theme’s style.css and see if it’s still happening.

    There are some mashup examples in the MapPress documentation. For two categories I think you’d want to use category__in=a,b. The WP_Query syntax is listed here if it helps:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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