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    I am creating a directory of facilities. I’d like to have my list set to interact with the mashup map I have it above. For example, maybe when the listing is hovered or havinga link of some sort that when clicked, changes the map to that location.

    Is there anyway to do this automatically?


    Okay I just enabled the “marker list” option in the settings menu so I can see how Mappress already has a similar function.  However I’d like to use that function separately from Mappress since my list requires pagination (which Mappress does not support yet).



    Hi, sorry, but this isn’t possible in the current version.

    I can try to provide something in the next release of the plugin (2.38.2).   What kind of ID were you hoping to provide to the map to indicate which POI to open?  A post ID?


    Yea a post ID would be great. If it could refer to the post ID to open up the markers without having the user go to the page directly it would be awesome.

    So, let’s say in the list I have there was a special icon. When clicked that icon could change the map while the post title could still lead to the post itself. So then I could have markers in a separate column and a person could just continue to browse the locations on my list without having to go to every post page or search for the marker. Because right now there is no way for someone looking at my list to see which marker it corresponds too.


    I second this request, this would be very helpful, as I am listing my posts in  a similar way to Law4elders.

    Being able to pan to the marker on the mashup map, exactly the same way the “marker list” option allows.

    Thanks, David


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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