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    I can’t add a link in the location infowindow.  All my links are to internal posts but I’m using full URL.

    First, I tried standard HTML:

    <a href=””>Example</a&gt; (error Ajax failed [object object])

    I tried the example in the documentation:
    <a href=’’><img src=’; style=’width:100px;height:100px’></a>
    I got no ajax error but when I tested the link on the map, it appended the link to my URL ( and resulted in a 404 error.

    Lastly, since it was appending the url…I just entered the post’s shortlink only:

    <a href=”/?p=137″>Example</a>

    When I hover over it before saving, the link looks correct (adds my URL to the shortlink) but I get the same error as before (error Ajax failed [object object])

    I’m baffled, I see no setting for URL so I cannot understand why it’s appending the link to my domain URL.

    Theme is directorypress, permalinks are set to Post name.

    As mentioned by others with Ajax errors, I’ve tested ajax as suggested but I’m not going to wipe out all my customization reinstalling/uninstalling.

    Any suggestions why the linking isn’t working or what the error “object object” means?



    Additional info…

    Using stable version 2.38 Pro

    Created map in a hidden page to generate and edit map and then showing map on homepage via a blank widget with shortcode [mappress mapid=”x”].

    I tried using the plugin widget but the query’s and custom field wouldn’t work.



    There’s no special setting for URLs, they’re just plain HTML.  The formatting can be tricky though.  The links actually are garbled in your post, but I’m guessing that’s just because you were using the html editor in the forum?  You might also try using single quotes:

    <a href=””>Example</a&gt;

    Should be:

    <a href=''>Example</a>

    If that doesn’t help, try switching to a standard theme and deactivating your other plugins for a moment.   That will rule out any conflict, and themes and plugins are the most common cause of AJAX errors.

    You can also send me a login and I’ll see if I can spot the error for you.


    Thanks Chris

    The dummy page and [mapress] shortcode was a sort of plan C  because the widget and mashup queries wasn’t working. That led to the linking issue in the map location editor.

    A few updates…

    I went ahead and deleted the stable 2.38 install and went to the beta 2.38.3 install.  I still couldn’t get the widget query to work out but was able to get the map on the homepage using the mashup shortcode with a few tweaks and a lot of trial and error on query syntax.

    First, I added a widget box (“Blank Widget”) to the homepage via the directorpress theme admin panel. This also allowed me to add some HTML around the mashup code.  After searching in both this and the DP forum, I was able to collect the proper inclusions for the shortcode to screen the output to just paid listings (using featured meta key) and to re-size the mashup map.

    Here’s what finally worked…

    [mashup width=”875px” height=”375px” show=”query” show_query=meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1]

    I’m down to one last problem (sorta)…when I hover over the map icons, it shows the lat/lon of the location pin versus the post name. I tried to add (marker_title=”post” marker_body=”excerpt”) in different places of the mashup shortcode line and it seems to have no effect.

    Everything else seems to be working fine….when I click the map icon, it opens the infowindow, shows the listing (post) name and it links to the listing perfectly when clicked.

    the website is roofcleaningcontractors dot com

    Any help with this last issue would be great!!!



    I think the tooltip thing is a bug, thanks for reporting it.

    For now, you may want to just turn them off – there’s an option on the settings screen to just turn them off.

    It sounds like you got things working, but if you want help with the widget please provide the exact query you’re using.  There are a few examples in the documentation, but note that for the widget you just write the part that would normally be in ‘show_query=”” ‘ (without the quotes).

    By the way, that mashup shortcode also looked like it’s missing quotes in the show_query part:

    [mashup width="875px" height="375px" show="query" show_query=meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1]

    Should be

    [mashup width="875px" height="375px" show="query" show_query="meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1"]




    I tried to turn off the tooltips but….no matter if the box was ticked or not, it still showed the tooltips..

    I finally figured out why….umm, not really why but where the lat/lng tooltip was coming from. I went to the listing page (post) and looked at the automatic map and POI for the post and it was entered by lat/lng. I tried to edit the POI (change the POI name) . No matter what I entered….it saved as lat/lng. Finally, I deleted the automatic map and created a new one, using the same lat/lng to create it but then after creating I would change it……….and it would then keep the change!

    It’s still creating automatic maps for every post but as long as I delete, create, edit and save….the tootips seem to stay with the manual map.

    It would be really nice if the automatic map used the post name and I didn’t have to edit every signup… would be 100% automated.

    I hope this helps you track the bug down…..I like automated 🙂





    I’m not sure the automatic map being re-created is bug.  There’s a checkbox on the settings screen that tells the plugin to always re-create the map when the post is saved (or not).  Uncheck that box and it should remember your changes, otherwise it’ll just overwrite them on each save.  Please see the details in the documentation.

    I’ll look into the tooltips, though, to see why the checkbox isn’t working, and why the title is showing the lat/lng.


    BTW, I just made a post on PremiumPress forums about your plugin. Map integration is a pretty common frustration with their theme customers.

    Hope you get some orders!


    OK….I misunderstood the setting (Update on publish) but, looking at it’s function, for me it’s connected to the other problem….if I have to manually create a POI map for every listing and edit them on every change.  In DirectoryPress, the listing owner cannot see the mappress or excerpt edit window in their admin panel.

    I really need the automation.




    OK, my understanding so far is that everything is working, except the tooltips.

    I haven’t tracked down the underlying issue with that, but I think the map isn’t getting all of the options – that’s why turning off tooltips on the settings screen didn’t work.

    As a workaround, you can try turning off the tooltips directly in the mashup shortcode:

    [mashup tooltips="false"]

    Does that work?


    I tried putting it in three different spots….Still showed tooltips each time.

    [mashup tooltips=”false” width=”875px” height=”375px” show=”query” show_query=”meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1″]

    [mashup width=”875px” height=”375px” show=”query” show_query=”meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1″ tooltips=”false”]

    [mashup width=”875px” height=”375px “tooltips=”false” show=”query” show_query=”meta_key=featured&meta_value=yes&posts_per_page=-1″]


    I do want the tooltips and I’m fine with editing the POI for initial signups while you ferret out the bug.




    I found the bug that was causing this and it should be fixed in 2.38.5.  I just uploaded that version so you can grab it from your account.

    Let me know how it works for you, and thanks for the PremiumPress forum post!



    Followed the install instructions but it failed. I tried to deactivate plugin and install failed as well.

    I hate to have to delete and start over again…any suggestions?
    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    Destination folder already exists. /home/roof/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress/

    Plugin install failed.




    The error is telling you that you need to delete the old plugin directory first.   You can do it with the ‘delete’ link under the old plugin version in the WP admin screen.

    I’ll update the installation instructions to include a mention of that step when upgrading.


    Thanks Chris…I was worried about the settings changing. Seems it retained them after the delete

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