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    I have a developer license which I renewed today.
    I then followed the instructions to update manually – plugin is installed, all data is there but :

    the license key is not accepted, marked as “Invalid”

    I counterchecked with the license key in my account and it is that key – so what to do?

    I cleaned browser cache etc. but to no avail

    I also can’t see any way to have automatic updates, I am using Wordfence Central (selfhosted)

    Please help me out to have my installations working ;))




    Are you sure you’re placing the MapPress license in the settings field marked ‘MapPress license key’? I ask because it’s sometimes easy to place it in the MapBox license or Google license fields by accident.

    I tested your license key and it worked for me. Perhaps the server was down when the key was checked? Give it another try (delete the license key, save the MapPress settings, and then re-enter it and save again).

    If it’s still not working, you can send a login and I’ll have a look.

    I don’t know about Wordfence, but normally once the license key has been set, you can use automatic update or go to your plugins screen and update the plugin there directly – no need to manually install.



    Hi, Chris,

    I went through all sites now and the key is active.

    I must say I waited around half an hour until I complained here, because I know that it can take time — but it took quite a time ;=)

    Now it’s ok and I can use it for the next year, thanks!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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