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    Hi, Chris!
    Because of the cost of using Google Maps, I’m using Open Street Maps and I thank you very much for making it possible to do so. Recently – and this is our busy season on our website – I’ve noticed that when a mashup page loads, the icons aren’t actually on the right location on the map, or a partial load of map tiles happens. I replicated the problem on several different browsers and computers. If I zoom in or out, everything moves to where it should be, and the map generally will render at that point.

    1) Is this problem related to usage? We have a lot of web traffic.
    2) If so, is there a solution?

    Many thanks, Sandra



    I’ve seen problems myself with OSM tiles not loading sometimes. I think their servers may get overloaded, but I’m not sure how often this happens.

    Have you tried using MapBox tiles instead? They’re technically not free, but their free usage limits are very high – and they look a lot better and have more detail than the OSM tiles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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