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    James Proctor

    Greetings — Way back around 2011 I remember an @fredb request for kml overlay code, which at that time was not supported; is this still the case? I’d like to overlay trails on a mashup map (or, if the below modification is still relevant, it’d apply to all maps on the site I suppose). His recommended code is below…thanks for any updates, Jim P.

    James Proctor

    PS, I’ve seen your documentation re. “Creating POIs From KML Files,” but this would I assume refer to a single map, not a (shortcode-based) mashup map, correct? I don’t see in the current version any shortcode support for this.


    Jim P.


    Hi Jim,

    The plugin does support KML overlays. Just create a single map with one or more KML files as described in the docs, then you can use that map in a mashup as you normally would.

    How many KML files are you planning to show on each mashup? Google has strict limits on the number of KMLs, and if they’re exceeded the file won’t display.

    James Proctor

    Thanks, Chris; I can do it this way. No worries on exceeding max number of KML files.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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