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    I have two problems, first, I got this error:

    [22:33:14.640] TypeError: jQuery(…).on is not a function @ http://www.villagreta.pl/wp-content/plugins/mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress/js/mappress.min.js?ver=2.39.5:1

    (WP 3.5  MP 2.39.5)

    Second, when I have map on a page it never stops loading (spinning circle in FF tab).




    The error is a bug.  It’s fixed in 2.39.7, which should be available tomorrow.

    I don’t think that’s the cause of the map not displaying, though.  Most of the common causes for that are listed here:


    If that doesn’t help, can you send a URL for a page that has this problem?  I went to the blog but the page I checked looked OK:


    If you mean that the map doesn’t display in tabs, that’s also explained in the FAQ (it’s a google issue, but you can work around it with some javascript or use jQuery-UI tabs).


    Thanks for update. Maps are ok, they just wont stop loading.  Page is loaded, map is loaded, but in firefox and chrome, spinning circle in browser tab is indicating that page is still loading (status bar showing that map data is being transferred).  And this circle never stops .




    Can you provide the URL you’re viewing, and your browser/browser version?


    For example here:


    or here


    Every page that have map.

    I just found that if page with map is open first time, this circle is spinning, but when I reload it again it will finish loading as expected.



    This doesn’t seem to happen for me using the latest IE/Chrome but I see it with Firefox.

    Exactly what browser and browser version are you using?


    Firefox 18 / 1 win / 2 mac’s   – spinning
    Safari, Chrome –  latest  – mac – ok



    I think this is fixed in 2.39.7.  It only occurs in certain situations (see below).

    You’ll need to check the setting ‘load maps last’ in the MapPress settings in the new version.

    Please let me know if it works for you.


    As background:

    The problem seems to occur only with Firefox, and only when a map has satellite imagery.

    In this case it seems that Firefox needs to have the maps loaded later than the other browsers.

    Google recommends the body ‘onload’ event but MapPress displays maps immediately (so they won’t be delayed or blocked by other scripts or iframes on the page).  The new setting loads the maps using the jQuery(window).load event, which should be roughly equivalent to ‘onload’.


    Great! Works like a charm!  Thanks a million for outstanding support! Problem solved.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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