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    I’m having compatibility issues with mappress pro.

    a) When mappress pro is activated:
    My sticky menu plugin functions perfectly on every pages of my blog but not on the home page.

    b) When mappress pro is deactivated
    My a sticky menu functions perfectly on every pages even on the home page.

    After reading the documentation and looking at the JQuery possible errors it seems like mappress pro may have some JavaScript / jQuery issues

    Mappress pro Version 2.40.3
    WordPress Version 3.5.2

    Any idea on how to fix my problem?

    – GM



    I can’t say anything specific without seeing the site. If you’d like me to look at it you can post a URL or email me one to illustrate the problem.

    In general, though, what you describe is a common problem in WordPress.

    MapPress loads the standard version of jQuery that comes with WordPress(1.8.3). Some plugins and themes load different versions (usually older) which aren’t compatible. That can interfere with MapPress – or vice-versa.

    You can sometimes resolve the problem by updating the theme/plugin, or preventing it from loading its own jQuery version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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