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    I just updated to 2.77.2 from 2.72~ and several things are no longer working as expected.

    1) Filter options are no longer output in the DOM (filter button must be clicked first) — is there any way to prevent this?

    We are only using one Select filter by taxonomy, and don’t want/need to display all of the additional buttons/toggles. Previously, I had simply positioned the dropdown where I wanted it and hidden everything else with CSS.

    2) Mashup list now seems restricted by visible map points.

    This creates an awkward UX, for instance when hovering on a list item, the map is zoomed in and hides the other items. This might be expected behavior if the user is actively searching for something, but we are using this to display a list of businesses and want all of the available (filtered) businesses to remain listed while panning/zooming, especially if they are across greater distances. Is there a way to disable this function and always display all list items (within the filtered/searched list)?

    Thanks in advance!



    Hello again,

    Another change I noticed is the Directions link no longer works as it did before. I had previously used the template markup to output the “Get Directions” link within the mashup list items instead of the popup, but that no longer works, nor does the same markup work in the Popup item. It seems to only work within the popups if I select the option to “<input checked=”checked” type=”checkbox” value=”” />Show a directions link in popups”

    Is there a new way to insert this manually? This the markup I was using:

    <div class=’mapp-dir’ data-mapp-action=’dir’><?php _e(‘Get Directions’, ‘mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress’); ?></div>





    Thanks for writing.  You make some good points.

    1) I’ll look into adding an option to always display the filters, without toggling, for the next release.

    2) Mashups were previously restricted if the ‘search’ option was selected, but not if it was disabled.  In the current release it always restricts.  I’ll reinstate the old functionality.

    3) It’s not possible to add that markup, but I’ll add a separate checkbox to display directions in the list.



    You are awesome, thanks for the quick reply and willingness to make those changes!

    Do you know how soon these features might be added, or if there is a simple patch it in the meantime?

    Thanks again





    All three of these changes are now in version 2.80.  #1 was implemented by outputting the HTML even when the filters are closed (as it did before).  You should be able to control it using CSS as before.  I hope to implement a better solution eventually, but it will take some time to implement.

    2.80 is a beta version, and it includes a database upgrade.  Please make a database backup before installing it.  To download the new version you’ll need to enable beta updates in the MapPress settings OR download and install it manually from your account:  Install instructions are on that page.

    If you have any problems, please contact me directly using the contact form so I can fix them immediately.


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for making those changes so quickly! Everything seems to be working again and I haven’t noticed anything unusual after the database upgrade. However, initially the maps did not load with the option selected to “<label>Output scripts in footer.” With this option disabled everything works fine. </label>

    This is the js error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘innerHTML’)
    at Object.template (index_mappress.js?ver=2.80PRO:1:17020)
    at mapp.Map.render (index_mappress.js?ver=2.80PRO:1:41660)
    at mapp.Map.display (index_mappress.js?ver=2.80PRO:1:28496)
    at Object.mapp.load (index_mappress.js?ver=2.80PRO:1:17781)
    at (index):1690:45

    If it helps, the Maps are displayed using shortcodes within Elementor Archive and Post templates.

    Thanks again!

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