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    Hi Chris,

    I have some code that is working well.  I tried to add to it so that an excerpt would be displayed when a user clicks a POI.  However, the added code produced no visible change; the POI still shows the post title as a link, but not the excerpt.  Can you suggest what I should do differently?

    I’m running MapPress Pro version 2.40.3.  Below is the line that I changed.  I added:

    “marker_body” => “excerpt”, “iWtype” => “ib”,

    $mymap = new Mappress_Map(array(“width” => 300, “height” => 200, “bigWidth” => “100%”, “bigHeight” => “400px”, “zoom” => 15, “mapLinks” => array(“bigger”, “center”, “reset”), “overviewmapcontrol” => false, “maptypecontrol” =>false, “marker_body” => “excerpt”, “iWtype” => “ib”, “marker_link” => true, “marker_title” => “post”, “poilist” => true, “center” => array(“lat” => $cblat, “lng” => $cblng)));




    Hi Brad,

    The parameter names have changed, I think the correct ones are here:

    Instead of this:

    “marker_body” => “excerpt”…

    You need to use:

    “mashupBody” => “post”

    There’s also a filter “mappress_poi_body” you can use to control the body (the WP excerpt function is very slow).



    Thanks, Chris.  “mashupBody” => “post” worked great.  I had looked but couldn’t find the marker_body syntax in the documentation.  Thanks for the quick helping hand.

    I’ll explore the filter once I nail down the functionality and start optimizing for speed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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