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    Hello, this is for v 2.60 with hover POIs in a mashup. The hover POI works well when I’m using the gutenberg mashup block in a post – whilst I’m editing the post I can hover over marker and see the improved template from the post (I can also zoom with the mouse wheel). But nothing works on the published post – it doesn’t show POI on hover or marker click. Also, I have the same problem when I publish a divi page with a simple shortcode.

    The new template feature has improved the look of the pop-up but I don’t understand how to code the template in the settings – happy to leave it as is – or is there a example available please?



    I checked your site, and the problem is some of the old CSS for MapPress was copied into the theme’s “styles.css” file. Remove that CSS, or bring it up to date with the newer CSS classes in the “mappress.css” file for the plugin, and it should work.

    Specifically, the class “.mapp-ib” is incorrect for the new version. It has a “display:none” setting which prevents the infobox from displaying properly – that’s why you’re not seeing it on click, and it’s also why it only occurs on the frontend.

    To answer the question about the templates: The default popup templates are visible in the popup template editor on the MapPress settings screen. The documentation describes how to modify them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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