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    Some back ground…I’m almost where I need to be. Although I’ve had to surrender some of my vision of  functionality of the site…no plan survives the first 5 minuets of battle.

    I’ve been trying to do all this without editing any PHP. Most of the stuff I’ve done was tinkering and learning mappress.

    The original plan was a map on the homepage showing paid listings only. I was able to do that by making all paid accounts “featured” which cost me the ability to use featured for just the silver and gold accounts. Since Chris has helped with several issues and has addressed some issues with beta fixes, I’ve altered the plan a bit.

    I was using a mashup shortcode in a widget box for the homepage with a custom query that selected “featured” posts. I’ve now gone back to the mappress widget and used the “all posts” selection. Free listings get a dot marker icon and paid listings get a custom site marker icon. I’m okay with that.

    Now that I can populate the homepage map, I’m ready to tackle the custom map for the listing pages. I want this map to be totally unique and different than the automatic map used to populate the homepage. I don’t want the POI’s for the listing map to show on the homepage map.

    Is there a way to have 2 maps on a post but 1 showing the POI on the homepage and the other showing POI’s for the post map? Would Turbo CSV solve this?

    I suspect I’m probably going to have to move to editing PHP to accomplish the final desired results.

    I appreciate any suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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