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    Hello! I need some advice. We are having a lot of trouble here in Germany because of GDPR rules and money-grubbing lawyers who try to fine website owners because of the integration of Google Maps.

    I have a lot of GoogleMaps integrated at a number of websites and I know I can use COMPLIANZ plugin to have the maps served in the “lawful” way.

    Now I think about using Leaflet Maps instead of GoogleMaps.
    And as always, a lot of questions arise:

    1. is it possible to use GoogleMap and Leaflet Maps on the same website? Without any conflicts or performance problems?
    2. is it possible to switch from GoogleMap to Leaflet Maps and the existing maps and mashups will not be harmed?
    3. You suggest a mapbox-key and I tried to find out about Mapbox, about data-sending etc. But their website is awfull, created by business minded design-youngsters without any real information
      So I fear I might run into GDPR problems again when using an access token..

    please help me to make a decision!

    Thanks, Connie




    No answer at all,  what does this mean?

    Do you think I don’t need answers? Why do I ask here?


    Hi Connie,

    Sorry, but BBPress doesn’t always notify me of new topics.  You have my email too if you need to write me directly 🙂

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, you can use Google and Leaflet on the same site (although with MapPress you must pick one or the other)
    2. Yes, of course.  The only difference is that Leaflet doesn’t support shape drawing tools (polygons, etc.)
    3. Mapbox may have a bad website, but they have nice-looking map tiles.  Unlike Google, I don’t think they install any cookies, so no GDPR conflicts.

    And of course – you can also use Complianz if you’d like to continue with Google.


    Hi again!

    I am still thinking whether I should use leaflet instead of Google Maps on my sites
    and I see that with MappressPRo I have to choose one or the other.

    Isn’t there a secret trick to choose one of them only for one map?

    What happens to my already existing maps when I switch the API?
    Will they perform the same (I do not use polygons etc..)
    I just don’t want to risk a hickup on my website when switching..

    Cheers. Connie



    Nothing will happen to your maps if you switch APIs, with two exceptions:
    1. If you edit a map with drawing shapes in Leaflet and save it, the shapes may not save correctly.
    2. If you’re using custom styling you’ll need to convert it from Google to Mapbox

    It’s not supported to have a different API for just one map. Google is generally best, but if you have higher traffic you can use Leaflet + Mapbox. Mapbox works well and has a higher free usage tier.


    Thank you, Chris!

    I started a staging site of my website to check how it turns out when I switch to Leaflet and to experiment with the different layers, styles…

    I have to switch from GoogleMaps as DSGVO demands this silly “yes I know and I want to see this content” – click and my users get annoyed by this

    Thank you for your work, I appreciate it


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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