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    James Proctor

    Greetings — We’re trying out MapPress Pro 2.38.2 beta: exciting features! I especially like the support for KML, ability to enter more than point data, and location awareness.

    My question, however, concerns a feature that’s long been in MapPress: geocoding. I’d like to harvest geo_latitude and geo_longitude metadata from posts created using the WP mobile app, as the interface seems cleaner and faster on smart devices than loading the standard website, or even via a mobile plugin such as WPTouch. Your documentation says that “Once an address custom field is specified, MapPress will create a map when a post containing that field is first saved.” I’ve entered the above metadata fields under “Lat/lng fields” in MapPress settings, but I don’t see a map created (e.g., when I edit the post there’s no existing map in MapPress). I’ve checked, and my sample post (from an iOS device) indeed includes geo_latitude and geo_longitude attributes.

    It’s possible that I don’t understand how geocoding works in MapPress, or that the new beta has a bug…I suspect the former. If you could advise, I’d sure appreciate. More broadly, the ability of MapPress to support location-aware devices using WP mobile apps via this means would be a huge perk to this plugin!

    I’ll contact you separately re. a possible workshop I may organize with NITLE re. geolocated undergraduate digital field research using WP and MapPress.


    Jim Proctor


    Hi Jim,

    Sorry about that, it’s definitely still a ‘beta’.

    Could you download version 2.38.3?  I just released it today and it has fixes for a few bugs related to generating maps from the lat/lng fields.

    If that doesn’t help, could you email me a login to your blog or a test blog?  I’ll be happy to take a look for you and get it fixed right away.

    James Proctor

    Yes, it now works!! This is fantastic. My quick sample posted here; I did go in and edit it after posting as we don’t do automatic map display on our site (and to zoom in to an appropriate scale), but this sort of cleanup can be readily done after mobile work completed in the field.

    Many thanks!…

    Jim P.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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