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    im having hard time figuring out a way to easily filter my 200 POI

    all the POI are put into separate posts, they are sorted by categories and subcategories (places->region->city) and i want to be able to easily switch between displaying maps only consisting of poi’s of same city or region using select fields, (now they’re displayed using mash up tag.)

    they also have custom fileds that hold same info (city, region)

    so that can be used aswell.

    any idea how to best go about that?



    I’m doing the same. in my opinion good way is to call mashup for category


    [mashup show="query" show_query="posts_per_page=5&category_name=YourRregion"] but if someone needs to find a place in london he has to type london i search

    Im planning to do search by category, this will work i think. If u find out please write.




    Using the mashup tag is probably the best solution. You can put the tag into pages (if you have separate pages by region) or into the template (and change the category dynamically).

    The documentation has some examples of queries and links to the WP documentation on the same topic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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