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    I’ve created a few custom taxonomies that I use on the custom post type that I am mapping. Despite me enabling both the post type and taxonomies to use REST API, I don’t see the taxonomies in the list of available options for the filter. Categories and tags are the only ones, apart from text search and post types, of course. Am I missing something or is the plugin incapable of filtering POI in the mashup map by custom taxonomies?


    The MapPress settings only lists categories and tags, but when adding a new filter the ‘filter type’ dropdown should list all taxonomies.

    There are a number of settings related to making a taxonomy public, not just the REST API.  An easy way to test is by using the CPT UI plugin to add the taxonomy:

    The default settings will make the taxonomy publicly available, and it should show in the MapPress settings.



    Aparently, when registering a custom taxonomy, you need to declare it as public and with enabled REST API access in order to use it as a filter. I was missing the public part in my definition, leading to the problem.

    Issue – solved



    Oh, sorry, didn’t refresh the page before posting my answer, you’ve answered me already 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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