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    I’m building my own mashup using the new Mappress_Poi() method and have everything working great so far  ( Pro-tip: Use lat/lng points rather than geocoding addresses on the fly, there seems to be a maximum of 10 per query).

    However, I want to make the popup look nice structured such:

    Location Ttile
    Location Street address
    City, State zipcode

    Get directions link

    But the HTML for the title and address show up in the link url and while the address seems to work fine once they get to google, it looks funny.

    Is there a way to add the text/html information but at the same time change the “directions link” not to have the html (or even better, be lat,lng instead)



    Sorry, that’s not something supported by the plugin.  URLs often do look funny, and passing the whole string is the way Google normally does it.

    I have two ideas if you really want to change it:

    1.  If you set the address to “lat,lng” that may do what you want in the URL – but then you’ll also see “lat,lng” in the directions form.

    2. Another option might be to just put your own directions link into the POI body (assuming you’re opening a new window at Google).  Just disable the normal directions (there’s a setting and shortcode parameter for that).  Then enter the link with the lat/lng instead of the address.  You can get an original link to modify by just copying one that MapPress generated.



    Thanks for the reply, Chris!

    I think option 2 is a great idea, and I think we’ll go that route!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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