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    Hi, I am so new to this so apologies if i sound like a total idiot. Here is my problem

    I have established a custom post type named initiative, under initiative there is a taxonomy called country and under country the terms are the names of the countries.

    i created a page with the shortcode mashup show=”query” width=”100%” show_query=”post_type=initiative” (under square brackets) however when i visit the page, the only thing showing up is the first article posted under the custom post type. please help.



    i seemed to have find a way to display the map properly via the widget. however, i am having a problem with initiatives that have the same country, can i have multiple entries (links to the initiative/post) in one marker? thanks


    I’m not sure I understand the second question – you can only have one link per marker, although you can have two markers for the same location.

    For the first question: you could try adding posts_per_page=-1 to retrieve all of the posts that match. Also, you can test some queries by just entering them in the blog’s URL, for example:

    Have you checked the documentation on this as well? There are some examples:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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