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    Hi Chris,

    I created the custom_field “status” with the values 1,2 or 3
    I created another custom field “hauptquartier” for the geocoding “adress line 1”

    Mashups with the pages where the custom field “hauptquartier” is used, are generated.

    Now I want to set automatic icons, f.e.

    status = 1 => red.png
    status = 2 => yellow.png
    status = 3 => green.png

    Unfortunately I cannot define this in the MapPressPro-Settings, the “key-value pair” is not listing “custom field” in the key-select.

    Do I have to add something to the functions.php?
    What would that be?

    Thanks in advance,




    For automatic icons there is no custom field selection, it’s based on taxonomies.

    However, for automatic map generation, you can pick a custom field for the icon. Go to the ‘geocoding fields’ section in the MapPress settings. Where you have set ‘address line 1’, you can also set a custom field for ‘icon’.

    To regenerate those automatic maps (for example, if you change the icon field), you can re-publish the posts. From the WordPress posts section use ‘bulk actions’ and then ‘edit’, and then ‘publish’.


    Chris, thank you, but that is not exactly what I need.
    In the geocoding fields, I can only set one icon for that field, but this field has 3 states and I need a different state for each value

    I know how I can create this output:

    1 mashup with all objects with the status “finished” (status = 3)
    1 mashup with all objects with the status “in progress” (status = 2)
    1 mashup with all objects with the status “scheduled” (status = 1)

    But I need a mashup with ALL objects, and each shows the status-relevant icon ;=(

    how to do that?

    Cheers, Connie



    The geocoding field setting takes a custom field name – not an icon name. So the icon can be different for each post – just vary the value stored in that custom field for each post. For example, post ‘A’ can have a green icon and post ‘B’ can have a blue one, by placing the values ‘green-dot’ or ‘blue-dot’ in the custom field in each post.

    A more flexible solution is to use the automatic icons, but in that case you must assign your posts to a taxonomy (category, tags, etc.).

    If neither of those work for your site, and you know PHP, then you can code a custom routine using the filter ‘mappress_poi_iconid’. There’s an example in the documentation.


    Thank you Chris, for your assistance.

    Now I use a taxonomy, and the icons are defined in the automatic icons settings as the values of that taxonomy shine up there.

    It’s a great functionality and I learned a lot!

    Have a nice day,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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