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    I imported about 900 POIS using TurboCSV and Mappress PRO, using custom fields “Latitude” and “Longitude” for the automatic display in the posts.

    Now I need to merge some posts / maps into one single post with two (or more) POIs on the map:
    – Mappress doesn´t save the additional POI
    – doesn´t save a changed name for either map or POI

    I saved the map before saving the post, but whatever I do, after saving the post, the map still shows up like before, only one POI and unchanged map / POI name (all maps thru the posts are named “[$$$]Automatic”).

    How can I rename maps or POIs and add some POIs on the automatic maps? Preferably without deleting the custom fields (haven´t tried that yet).



    Hi Joerg,

    Check your setting for “overwrite maps when updating” in the “geocoding” section of the MapPress settings screen.

    If that checkbox is checked, the plugin will always try to re-create the map using the current custom field values. It will overwrite your changes.

    If it’s unchecked, you should be able to make manual changes directly to the map.


    Works perfectly, thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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