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    I’m not able to click on points of interest on the map when testing with my Android phone. It does work with my iPad and PC… and does work if I click on the POI name in the list below the map. I just can’t click on the POI within the map. The working URL is here:

    Note that I can zoom and change map type (Satellite, etc)… so the map itself is reacting. I think it’s only the POIs.

    Frustratingly, the example map DOES work for me on my Android:

    I’ve tried switching back to the twentythirteen theme to see if that helps, but no such luck.

    Any ideas? Thanks!!



    I think you owe me a beer or two for this one!

    Pop over to:

    and get a free 3 month BrowserStack subscription courtesy of Micro$oft. Just register, no need for any credit card info.

    You can now view your site in over 140 types of mobile devices – these are full device and platform specific emulators, and NOT the typical “simulators” generally found on the web.

    I tested your site on a Samsung S3 Android, and the POIs appear to work correctly.

    Have a look for yourself, as everything seems to be A1 okay.




    That’s swell… but it still doesn’t work on my S4. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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