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    After I upgraded to 2.39.8 the map is now indented by one character, and thus no longer aligned with rest of the content of the post.

    It’s the same with twentyeleven.


    Morten Ross




    You can remove the 3px indent change the CSS for class .mapp-layout. Methods for changing the CSS are described in the documentation.


    Hi Chris,

    OK, that complicates things, as firstly I have to manually edit this every time I update plugin. Which is really not viable in the long run.

    Second – changing from the default 5px to 0px in order  to display correctly aligned with post’s content as it did in pre-upgrade version (2.38x), also sets bottom margin to zero and thus makes my icons on the following line display without any air between the map and the icons.

    I only want to  change the left margin, not left and bottom.

    To understand your implementation of the indentation of the map – why do we need the map to be indented compared to the rest of the post’s content?




    The documentation explains how to avoid changing your CSS each time you upgrade.

    And of course you can set top, left, bottom and right margins separately in CSS.



    I found how to disable the plugin CSS, not how to avoid changing it every time I upgrade:

    “Turn off CSS

    Prevents loading of the mappress.css stylesheet. If you select this option you must copy all map styling to your own theme stylesheet, ‘styles.css’.”

    The suggested workaround just forwards the problem to the theme, and is reset every time I upgrade the theme.

    Best would be if this was left with default margin setting (why do we need the map indented by default?).

    Second best would be if it was made available as options in the plugin’s settings panel.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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