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Hi, it also seemed to me there was some slow down with Google yesterday.

: on the home page the maps are each showing about 120 posts worth of locations.  The plugin has to read and format each post for output, so the time taken is primarily the time to display 250 posts.

You can speed up the widgets quite a bit by limiting the number of posts returned.  Try setting “posts_per_page=50” or a smaller number to limit the maximum number of posts.  Or, if you can categorize the posts into sub-categories (or tags) you can select a smaller set of data.

For the home page in particular: the markers in the widgets are probably too small for anyone to click anyway.  Instead of showing a dynamic map, take a screenshot of the map image and make it clickable; when users click the image they can be taken to the ‘event information’ page to get the details from the (slower) ‘live’ map.