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    I tried some more tests. I’m not sure if this is a Google bug or something I can fix in the plugin. The behavior is really strange:

    If I geocode “flatiron building”, returns:
    “175 Quinta Strada, New York, 10010, Stati Uniti d’America”

    But won’t accept that as a valid address. If I remove the last part, it works: “175 Quinta Strada, New York, 10010, Stati Uniti”

    If I try the same thing in French it returns:
    “175 Cinquième Avenue, New York, État de New York 10010, États-Unis”

    And that address works fine in

    I’ll try some more tests and open a bug report with Google. I’ll also try some workarounds in the plugin.

    All I can suggest for now is to switch your language to English (“en” or leave it blank) when entering locations.