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I tried to turn off the tooltips but….no matter if the box was ticked or not, it still showed the tooltips..

I finally figured out why….umm, not really why but where the lat/lng tooltip was coming from. I went to the listing page (post) and looked at the automatic map and POI for the post and it was entered by lat/lng. I tried to edit the POI (change the POI name) . No matter what I entered….it saved as lat/lng. Finally, I deleted the automatic map and created a new one, using the same lat/lng to create it but then after creating I would change it……….and it would then keep the change!

It’s still creating automatic maps for every post but as long as I delete, create, edit and save….the tootips seem to stay with the manual map.

It would be really nice if the automatic map used the post name and I didn’t have to edit every signup… would be 100% automated.

I hope this helps you track the bug down…..I like automated 🙂